Skippyroo Kangaroo – Australia

Name of Game:  Skippyroo Kangaroo

Age Required to Play Game:  3 and up

Country Origin: Australia

Fun Facts:  

Materials Needed: Your body and know everyone’s name


  • Make the kids sit in a circle and an adult to asks one child to go into the middle – she/he is the first Skippyroo, the kangaroo.
  • Skippyroo crouches forward on the floor with her eyes closed while the kids in the circle chant: “Skippyroo, kangaroo, dozing in the midday sun, here comes a hunter, run run run.”
  • At this stage an adult points to a child siting in the circle , who then touches Skippyroo’s shoulder and says. “Guess who’s caught you just for fun?” and waits.
  • Skippyroo tries to name the owner of the voice and if she guess correctly they swap places.
  • The game begins again and continues until all the kids have had a chance to be it.

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