Pass the Parcel – United Kingdom/Great Britain

Name of Game:  Pass the Parcel

Age Required to Play Game:  5 & up

Country of Origin:  United Kingdom/Great Britain

Fun Facts:   It’s a popular British party game and similar to musical chairs.

Materials Needed:  Music, multiple small gifts, gift, wrapping paper, people to play


  • A gift should be wrapped in many layers of wrapping paper.  In each layer of wrapping paper smaller gifts should also be wrapped.
  • Music is played while the children sit in a circle and pass around a gift that has many layers of wrapping paper.
  • The children pass the fist as the music is playing.
  • When the music is stopped the child holding the gift removes a layer of paper.
  • The music is restarted and the game continues until every layer is removed and the main prize is claimed. 


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